Top 9 Best Dog Beds Reviews

Finding the best dog beds among a mountain of choices can be challenging and somewhat overwhelming. There are beds specifically for the outdoors and indoor beds that can produce heat and provide extra cushion and support. They all come in various colors and shapes (bolster, flat, elevated, doughnut, etc.). To try and demystify the process of selecting the right one for your dogs, we’ve created this resource and searched high and low to shine a light on top-rated dog beds for those in the market. To keep the site somewhat organized, we created categories for each type of dog bed: Indoor, Large Dogs, Orthopedic and Outdoor.

Keep in mind that not all dog beds fit nicely into a single category. Most of them overlap with multiple buckets; for example, outdoor dog beds can easily be used inside, and most extensive, orthopedic dog beds are made indoors. The point here is to look around and get curious. The bed you’re looking for could be in the category next door.

Our primary ranking/research methodology:

  • Review the best sellers and top-rated dog beds from popular merchants.
  • Combine them with our past purchasing choices.
  • Distill our findings and share them with you in easy-to-read reviews.

The matrix contains links to deeper analyses for each dog bed and details verified purchasers’ positive and negative reviews and accurate customer data. This information should put you well on your way to determining which type is best for you and your situation (our #1 goal creating this site).

#1. Big Barker Dog Beds Review

Big Barker Dog Beds are purpose-built for large breeds and set the bar for quality. These high-end dog beds come in 3 sizes (L, XL, Giant) and are made from the highest quality materials…so much so that the manufacturer guarantees the foam core will retain 90% of its original shape for 10 years or you’ll get a refund. When you combine the amount of time a dog spends on its bed with the sheer weight of a large dog, a money-back guarantee like this is very impressive and a testament to quality craftsmanship.

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The 100% microfiber cover is velvety soft, comes in 3 fashionable colors, and is machine washable (unzip and toss in the wash). These beds are thicker than most (made with 7 inches of superior quality foam) to perfectly distribute a dog’s weight for extreme comfort that prevents “sinking”.

Out of hundreds of reviews, 92% of verified purchasers give it a 5-star rating. The amount of $$ owners have spent for these dog beds sets expectations for a value higher than essentially every other dog bed in the market, but negative reviews are few and far between. This quote sums up overall customer sentiment best:

“I’ve owned several orthopedic beds in the past, most costing around $140 each and I’ve gone through 4 of them in 5 years. I felt the product MUST be good if they were willing to offer such a warranty. You DO get what you pay for. Big Barker Dog Beds are without a doubt, far superior to any I’ve ever owned or seen before, for that matter and it should last my dog for the rest of his life”.

Bottom line:

There’s no doubt Big Barker Dog Beds are one of the more expensive dog beds in the market, but they’re also of the highest quality, all backed by a 100% money-back guarantee by the manufacturer. For more in-depth information and reviews from verified customers, click here.

#2. Coolaroo Dog Bed Review

“There’s a reason the Coolaroo Dog Bed is an Amazon #1 Best Seller. On the home page, I mentioned that we have 2 outdoor dog beds. Well, these are the beds. It doesn’t matter what type of dog bed you’re talking about: the Coolaroo Dog Bed is one of the top-selling dog beds anywhere, period.”

These are well designed, easy to put together (once you know the assembled tip…see below) dog beds with a contemporary style. We live in California, and our 2 dog beds have been outside in the elements for 4 years, and they still look strong, and the commercial-grade canvas has shown zero signs of weathering. This dog bed is very light, so it’s easy to move around your backyard, has rubber feet to grip (protects floors and doesn’t slide), and comes in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large). The breathable nylon canvas is water-resistant, and the steel frame is powder-coated to resist heat.

The canvases come in 3 different colors (green, gray, and terracotta) to match any decor and are raised about 6 inches off the ground, allowing air to travel underneath the bed to keep your pup off the hard surface and cool on hot days.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive for the Coolaroo Dog Bed: out of + 3,000 reviews, 70% are 5 stars, and 18% are 4 stars. Like my wife and me, people have owned these beds for years without any problems. The only minor issue is a rusted screw on the side of the frame. I could quickly go to Home Depot and buy a new screw for $0.25, but it’s still strong, and it hasn’t compromised the frame’s integrity (our 105-pound rot still loves it, especially when we hose him down on hot days as it gives him a place to dry off).

Coolaroo Dog Beds are GREAT…they are strong and well constructed. I have several for different areas of the house (upstairs/downstairs) (bedroom/living room)…easy to clean – great overall product.”

When you read the reviews, there are 2 primary reasons for 1 or 2-star reviews: it’s challenging to assemble, and the canvas ripped. To the former point, yes, I can see how one might find assembling these elevated dog beds a little tricky, but here’s the assembly tipleave the bolts loose and twist the last leg up to align the holes for the 4th bolt.

This will save you some frustration but scan some of the other reviews for assembly tips. Relative to ripping canvas, again, we haven’t had any problems with this before, and it is extreme (though I can see how a long dog nail could potentially puncture it). The good news is that if this happens, the replacement canvases are inexpensive.

Bottom line:

These Coolaroo Dog Beds are built for the long haul and are excellent values. Due to our positive, first-hand experience with these outdoor dog beds. For more detailed information and reviews (and over 50% off!), check them out here on Amazon!

#3. Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

GPC’s Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed is great for dogs with health ailments like joint pain and arthritis. There are 2 layers of protective surfaces (a waterproof cover & chocolate suede outer cover with a rubber, non-slip bottom) to help protect the memory foam core and increase the bed’s shelf life. Both are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Online Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed reviews are, for the most part, positive: good value for the price point and manufactured with quality in mind.

“I just bought a house with hardwood laminate and ceramic tile flooring. My boy needed a soft, supportive bed to rest on and this fits the bill. The foam seems to hold him nicely, providing cushion without sinking down completely to the floor. I’m thinking of buying a second one so that I don’t have to keep dragging it back and forth from the living room to the bedroom.”

Of the negative reviews, size is the biggest issue. At 36 inches wide, 28 inches long, and 4 inches thick (w/100% memory foam), it’s a solid choice with more minor to medium-sized breeds owners, but unfortunately, they’re too small for a giant breed dog (who need more extensive beds).

IMO, I think many of these purchasers missed the product dimensions area where the size is clearly stated, but that’s neither here nor there. The other negative was a chemical smell, but whether people had issues with odor or the bed was too small, more than 90% of reviewers gave a 4 or 5-star vote.

Tip: after you’ve received your GPC Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed, be sure to let it air out a night or 2 before putting on the waterproof and suede outside covers. This will allow the memory foam to expand and air out fully.

Bottom line:

These are quality dog beds and good value, but only purchase one if you have a small to medium-sized breed. Click here to get all of the details and in-depth verified customer reviews for the Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed.

#4. Best Bolster Dog Bed Review

A Bolster Dog Bed is outstanding for any dog, big or small, especially for dogs (like our 2 Rots) who like to sleep with their head on a pillow or feel secure and surrounded by a bolster. Styles vary from orthopedic to heated, and each one provides varying degrees of support: either 180 or full 360-degree support.

The new K&H Bolster Dog Bed is made from fine micro-suede and is available in 2 colors: mocha/tan or blue/gray. The bottom is filled with a soft, premium polyfill (made from recycled plastic) and tufted to keep it in place. Its contoured to fit the natural shape of a snuggled-up pooch and is lined for easy removal (for machine wash and care).

The bottom has a layer of non-slip fabric. Both top and bottom sections can be accessed by zipper, allowing you to increase or decrease the fill (whatever your dog’s preference is) or replace it should an accident occur (it is not waterproof). It’s only available in 2 sizes (small and large), so this probably isn’t the best choice if you have a giant breed.

The Bolster Dog Bed has received strong reviews…85% of verified owners rated the bed 4 or 5 stars (from over 600 reviews!) and consistently praised its durability and bang for the buck:

“I’m pretty sure there is some sort of dog aphrodisiac implanted in this bed. I got it for my sister’s dog, and every time he enters the room, he runs straight for it and plops down in it. I had my dog over there and it did the same, as well as one of her friend’s dogs. A++”

On the flip side, only 8% of reviewers gave the Bolster Dog Bed a 1 or 2-star rating. As one reviewer noted, the major negative had to do with its washability:

“This Bolster Dog Bed was advertised as having a removable cover for washing….. yeah right, when we tried to unzip it all we ran into was green stuffing stuff… be prepared to get a trash bag, remove all the stuffing, and then re-stuff this yourself if you ever want to wash the cover.”

Zipper access for cleaning.

Technically, this dog bed is washable, but to do so, its a little bit of a process. Here’s what I was able to extract as the best washing technique:

  • Unzip both top and bottom sections with the corresponding zippers
  • Grab a large, plastic trash bag and empty all the stuffing…be as thorough as possible here folks
  • Place the emptied layers into the washing machine and wash in cold water (so that we’re on the same page: DO NOT PUT THE STUFFING INTO THE MACHINE!)
  • Dry on low heat (delicate cycle) to prevent shrinkage
  • Once dry, re-stuff both top and bottom layers by hand (don’t worry if the stuffing isn’t distributed evenly after the wash…with regular usage, it’ll bounce back into place in no time)

Bottom Line

On balance, the Bolster Dog Bed is money well spent due to quality manufacturing, looks, and durability. Below is a short video direct from the manufacturer, but to learn more about the Bolster Dog Bed and check out the verified seller reviews, go here. (save over 25% & get free shipping if you act today!)

#5. Cuddler Dog Bed Review

The “Best Friends” by Sheri Cuddler Dog Bed provides maximum comfort and support for small breed dogs (up to 25 pounds). Living up to its name, the dog bed is super soft and very comfortable because it’s made with “Sherpa “, a man-made fiber that resembles sheep’s wool. The back wall of the Cuddler Dog Bed is high and overstuffed, yielding good back support and relieving achy joints and muscles.

The wall is 3 inches lower than the back on the front side to support a dog’s neck and head properly. It’s specially designed for smaller dogs, so it comes in only one size and 5 fashionable color options (Beige, Black, Brown, Fuchsia, Pink, and Teal). The bottom of the bed is made with strong oxford fabric to repel dirt or dust. The Cuddler dog bed is machine washable, but it doesn’t disassemble like many dog beds (i.e., you can’t take out the inner fill)… it “all in,” so be sure you have a large and powerful enough washer and dryer (many breaths of air dry them when its warm outside).

The Cuddler Dog Bed is well constructed to last for years, and with a lower price point and durability, customers find good value. 81% of verified customer reviewers give the Cuddler Dog Bed a 4 or 5-star review.

“My 7 lb Chihuahua, Ricky, has forgotten about all the other choices of beds in the house after this bed entered the scene! He’s in it as I write this. When you first take it out of the bag, it is new of course so it’s pretty fluffy, your pet may tumble over a little bit until it stabilizes and takes to his/her shape. After that, you’re golden. It’s soft, deep and dark, just like they want it! You should get it, in fact, get two, so you don’t have to keep taking it to one room to another all the time like I do. I’m ordering another!”

10% of reviewers give the dog bed a 1 or 2-star rating with most negative comments revolving around dog bed care challenges (i.e., washing it), the Sherpa fabric was somewhat flimsy, and its not as “stable” as they’d like:

“So soft, so snugly, but so top heavy that it either tips over constantly or folds over on top of pet. Our dog tried twice, for scared of it and would never get back in again. Had to return.”

Bottom line:

Dog owners like this dog bed as much as dogs find it cozy. Keep in mind this bed is optimal for small dogs and can be somewhat of a chore to clean, but on balance, it’s a very popular dog bed that is well made. To get the full scoop and read more reviews from verified Cuddler Dog Bed owners, just click.

#6. Dog Cot review

The style of the K&H Dog Cot is similar to other outdoor dog beds: elevated off the ground, allowing air to flow around your dog and keep them cool on hot days. Moreover, the Dog Coat is water-resistant with a durable, breathable mesh center to repel moisture, bacteria, odors, and mildew. They’re easy to assemble (look, mom…no tools!) and disassemble for camping trips or picnics; they’re a little more portable than this outdoor dog bed. They’re also light enough to move around the house, room to room or outside to inside…and the slip-proof rubber feet help protect floor surfaces. The Dog Coat comes in 2 sizes (medium and large) and supports up to 150 pounds.

Verified customer reviews point to long-lasting durability and solid value for a dog bed under $50—over 90% rate the Dog Cot 4 or 5 stars.

“So far is working great for our 60-lb lab. She jumps on it, scratches at it, and then lays down, and it has held up nicely. It doesn’t look like what is shown in the picture. It is a darker brown canvas around the edge and the mesh in the middle is black. I like it much better than it looks in the pictures.”

Less than 10% of reviewers give the dog Cot a 1 or 2-star rating. Interestingly enough (and in stark contrast to the positive reviews), some people have experienced problems with the durability of the supporting mesh.

“I bought 2 beds, one for my Rhodesian Ridgeback and one for our dominican dog. We had them for 2 days and in both there are already holes in. It just torns when the dogs get on the bed…even little holes…. Should hold my ridge but it doesn’t…”

While researching this and other outdoor dog beds, the strength of the mesh fabric is the most common complaint with these beds. To be fair, there aren’t too many fabrics on the planet that wouldn’t succumb to a long, sharp toenail from a 100 to 150 pound dog day after day, year after year, so nail length is something you should monitor if considering one of these beds.

Bottom line

The Dog Cot is a GREAT choice when looking for a stylish, elevated, outdoor dog bed. To get the full scoop and read verified customer reviews, click here!

#7. Brindle Dog Bed

The Brindle Dog bed is big-time comfort for your pup. Manufactured with the best materials, its core is orthopedic memory foam, and its plush outer cover makes this a very popular dog bed. Its available in 3 sizes, the zippered velour cover is machine washable and the core is protected by a 100% removable waterproof cover. The foam is 4 inches thick for soft support to provide relief to achy joints and muscles.

While very cozy, it stays at a comfortable sleeping temperature due to “open cell technology” to increase airflow. Brindle backs up their product with a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

In terms of reviews, 75% of verified purchasers give the Brindle Dog Bed a 4 or 5-star rating. “High quality” and “Super cozy” are how many reviewers describe the dog bed. From a price point perspective, it’s certainly on the high end but people find its well worth the $$ because of its durability.

“I wish this dog bed was sold in human size. The box is so small that I thought the wrong product has been sent. Great packaging with a nice design. The bed takes a few minutes to regain its shape. When it does, quite impressive. 4 inches of pure heaven for my lab. The bed is so soft and squishy around him but firm enough so he doesn’t sink to the hardwood floor. “

15% give the bed a 1 or 2-star review. As with many orthopedic dog beds, people have complained about the chemically smell (for the first few weeks) and the velour cover is too thin.

“Have had item since 14 May 2013 and cover stared to come apart at seams, bed is good but cover is awful. We also noticed the smell – harsh, strong, chemical odor – that lasted a few weeks. “

Bottom line:

It’s interesting: we review lots of dog beds, and one thing that stood out when checking out the verified customer reviews is that there are many extremely long 4 and 5-star reviews. Its straightforward: this is a dog bed people love, and they’re happy to tell the world.

#8. Armarkat Dog Bed Review

Aramark has been making high-quality dog beds since 1994, and they have deservedly earned a reputation in quality manufacturing. These dog beds come in various colors, shapes, and sizes to perfectly align with your dog breed of choice. They are constructed with a heavy duty canvas, “Soft Plush” (100% poly fill for maximum comfort…which gets rave reviews), and waterproof rubber, skid-free base.

An easy opening side zipper makes it simple to remove the cover and toss in the washing machine after a sloppy day at the beach or dog park. Armarkat backs up their products with a limited warranty: if any part breaks within 6 months due to manufacturer defects, they will replace it for free.

Overall, this dog bed gets solid reviews: 75% give the bed a 4 or 5-star rating. “Well constructed “…” easy to clean “…” very good looking” are common sentiments among the numbers of reviews, plus the “fluffy and soft and the outside cover” gets a lot of praise.

“Extra big and extra comfortable for my heard of 3!! I order two of these, one for our bedroom upstairs and one down by the fireplace. Dog tested and very dog approved in this cozy home!!”

Most of the 1 and 2-star ratings have to do with people stating the bed, while it looks thick in the picture, is in reality reasonably thin (“our dog sunk straight to the floor”). Sometimes these “too thin” claims are from people who expected something more along the lines of an orthopedic dog bed rather than one with synthetic filling…I typically take these comments with a grain of salt.

Bottom line:

Pretty tough to go wrong with this well-made indoor dog bed…for more information and to check out all of the reviews, visit Amazon.

#9. Square Dog Bed Review

Best Pet Supplies manufactures well designed products, and this square dog bed delivers quality and style. With an attractive 2 tone appearance, it’s available in 2 colors (dark or light brown) and 4 different sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large). The faux suede construction is equal parts durable and comfortable, and its plush inner yields a soft, cozy lounge for your pooch. The reversible inner pillow can be removed for easy cleaning, making it simple to vacuum dog fur that falls between the cracks.

In terms of product reviews, 75% of purchasers give the bed 4 or 5 stars and, considering the price point, “a very good value”. “The outside is VERY tough”, “soft and well constructed,” and “I’d buy this dog bed again” are common themes when reading the reviews.

“This bed is super high quality. Ultra plush, super soft, durable and all of my dogs love it and fight to sleep in it. I would buy this item again and pay full price for it.”

By far, the #1 complaint is that the sizing is inaccurate; e.g., those with large breed dogs said the extra large dog bed was too small. The general advice from reviewers is 1) if you’re going to purchase one of these beds, “size up” one or two levels, and 2) its probably not the best dog bed if you have a giant breed like a Bernese Mountain Dog, Rottweiler or German Shepherd.

Bottom line:

On balance, the square dog bed by BPS is well received by its customers and highly recommended. If sizing is a concern, there are many other selections to choose from. Read more reviews from verified purchasers of the Square Dog Bed. Go here (FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME).

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