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Best Dog Crates for Dodge Quad Cab Truck

For Dodge Quad Cab Truck owners who love to take their furry friends on the road, choosing the right dog crate is essential. This article presents a well-researched guide to the best dog crates suitable for Dodge Quad Cab Trucks, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience.

Top Picks for Dog Crates for Dodge Quad Cab Truck

  1. Impact High Anxiety Crate
    • Description: Made of welded aluminum with ventilation holes, this crate is designed for escape artists, featuring a paddle-slam latch and sturdy construction, just perfect for the Dodge Quad Cab Truck.
    • Pros: Escape-proof, eco-friendly, and comes fully assembled with a 10-year warranty.
    • Cons: Not yet safety-rated, lacks designated tie-down points.
  2. UWS Northern 2-Door Deep Dog Box
    • Description: This foam-filled aluminum crate is designed for two dogs, providing insulation and security with its stainless-steel locks and lid cargo rack.
    • Pros: Insulating core, excellent rain protection, and additional storage.
    • Cons: High price and potential quality issues during assembly.

  3. Petmate Sky Kennel
    • Description: An affordable travel-friendly crate featuring all-around ventilation, a vaulted door, and an easy-to-clean plastic shell.
    • Pros: Made of plastic and steel, budget-friendly, includes a travel kit.
    • Cons: Not crash-rated.
  4. Bushwacker – K9 Canopy Vehicle Crate
    • Description: A soft-covered crate that easily straps to your truck bed, offering large ventilation panels.
    • Pros: Comfortable, easy to secure, and includes an inner pad and tether.
    • Cons: Soft polyester and mesh construction may not offer rigid protection.
  5. Amazon Basics Double-Door Folding Dog Crate
    • Description: A popular, economical metal crate available in various sizes for different truck beds.
    • Pros: Easy to clean, prevents paw slippage, affordable.
    • Cons: Not crash-tested, may not offer high safety in accidents.
  6. Primos Kennel Up Dog Kennel
    • Description: A heavy-duty one-piece molded crate with aluminum tie-downs and stainless-steel hardware, featuring adjustable vents.
    • Pros: Rubber feet for stability, built-in drains, reversible door.
    • Cons: Some issues reported with material quality.
  7. 4X4 North America Dog Transport Kennel
    • Description: A crash-tested steel crate with a built-in crumple zone and an emergency escape hatch.
    • Pros: Sturdy construction, 14 adjustable sizes, ventilated sides.
    • Cons: Requires assembly, no written instructional guide.
  8. Impact Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate
    • Description: A rustproof aluminum crate that collapses into a compact size for easy transportation.
    • Pros: Four-sided ventilation, airline rail storage slots, slam latch door.
    • Cons: Some concerns about latch difficulty.
  9. ASPEN PET Fashion Dog Kennel
    • Description: Features a heavy-duty plastic shell with a latching system for easy door operation.
    • Pros: Durable and secure.
    • Cons: Not specified.


Selecting the right dog crate for a Dodge Quad Cab Truck involves balancing factors such as safety, comfort, size, and durability. While some crates offer advanced features like crash-testing and insulation, others are praised for their affordability and ease of use. It’s important to choose a crate that not only fits the truck bed but also suits the specific needs of your dog. With these options, you can ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your canine companion.