Best Wooden Dog Crates

Wooden Dog Crates are great tools for housebreaking your pet pooch while maintaining your home decor. Indeed crating your dog is a fantastic way of fixing behavioral problems such as furniture destruction, separation anxiety, and general bad behavior. They are also an excellent way of keeping your pet out of harm from household hazards such as wire cables, sharp edges, and dangerous items; this is especially important when you are away from your pet, such as at work or shopping. Wooden crates are available in various types, sizes, and wood types, enabling you to find the right crate for your home decoration.

If the attention of a plastic or metal dog crate doesn’t suit your decor, you should consider a wooden dog crate. You will be stunned to find multi-purposeful crates to satisfy the pickiest inner designer. The crates offered are strong and attractive to look at at the same time.

Why a Wooden Dog Crate?

The normal plastic dog crates certainly are reliable, but they don’t have any charm to them. Although they are available in several colors, they are not the most pleasing thing to look at. A metal crate is also durable and provides the safety and security your dog needs, but they have no style to them like the plastic crates.

Both plastic and metal crates are nothing to be ashamed of having as they are both designed to be strong and give your dog a place they can call their own home. However, wooden dog crates appeal to those who need a dog crate but want the crate to disappear into their home decor. Choosing a more stylish option doesn’t mean that you don’t love your dog, and it simply means that you don’t want the crate to stick out like a sore thumb.

Some brands offer the wooden version, and each one is functional and looks great. There are different styles and colors to choose from, and some are all wood, while others are designed from wood and metal. Each crate offers ample visibility, sufficient ventilation and is available in all plastic and metal sizes that come in.

Choosing the Best Wooden Dog Crates

When choosing a wooden crate, you want to consider the same features and options as a plastic or metal crate. However, there are many things to analyze when choosing wood over plastic and metal. One is the wood that the crate is made from and also the color. Keep in mind that wood can be sanded and re-stained or painted accordingly to your interior needs.

Another thing to consider is that wood is wood, and it can be nicked or chipped. This may not be a problem for those of you who already have wood furnishings, as you already have the products to correct the damage that may occur already on hand. With this said, a wood crate will fit easier into any room as it will blend in, but the top is flat, making a perfect side or end table.

Some of the brands available are Crown Pet, DenHaus, NewAgePet, and Planet Petco. Some crates sit directly on the floor, while others offer casters to make the crate mobile. For accessibility, you can choose from one or double doors. Most have an interior pan for easy cleaning up, and others may even include wicker into the design. Of course, the most important feature should always be the quality and safety that the crate will offer your dog.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Wooden Dog Crate

Before purchasing a wood crate other than the cherry, oak, or mahogany finish, one thing to consider is if your dog is a chewer. The crate is made from wood, so there is a possibility that your dog could chew on the crate. However, with time, patience, and some training, your puppy will only use the crate as intended and not as a chew toy.

In itself, a dog crate, whether it is made from plastic, metal, or wood, is important to have if you own a dog. The crate must be durable and functional. A best wooden dog crate responds to the needs of dog owners who want a crate but want that extra visual touch.

Dogs and puppies are naturally inclined to seek a comfortable, safe sanctuary in a den-like area. Wooden dog crates allow you, the owner, to provide this sanctuary while maintaining a sense of home decor. There is a large range of different wooden or furniture dog crates on the market today, making it a complicated process to select which one would be ideal for your home and your pet.

When crate training your dog, you can expect to have great results in under three weeks when using a furniture crate. Some especially well-behaved dogs can be Considered fully house trained at this time. After your dog has been crate trained, they will become thoroughly accustomed to being locked in their crate. Once housebroken, your dog will willingly relax in its crate even when the door is left open, and they will consider it as their little personal den.

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