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Can You Crate a Puppy and an Older Dog Together?

When you bring a new puppy into a home with an older dog, one question might pop up: “Can I put them in the same crate?” It’s a good question, with a not-so-simple answer. Let’s dive into this and see what’s best for your furry friends.

Understanding Dogs’ Needs

First, it’s key to remember that dogs, much like people, need their own space. Puppies are bundles of energy, often playful and curious. Older dogs, on the other hand, might enjoy calm and solitude more.

The Puppy Perspective

  • Playfulness: Puppies are playful and might not understand an older dog’s need for quiet.
  • Training Needs: Puppies are in a critical training phase. They learn a lot about behavior and boundaries during this time.

The Older Dog’s View

  • Calmness: Many older dogs cherish peace and may not appreciate a puppy’s energy.
  • Space: They might already be set in their ways and need their own space.

The Crate: A Personal Haven

A crate is more than just a spot to keep your dog. It’s their personal haven, their safe space. It’s where they can relax without any stress. When two dogs share this space, it might not serve this purpose anymore.

Potential Issues with Sharing

  • Stress: An older dog might feel stressed or disturbed by the constant activity of a puppy.
  • Aggression: Even the friendliest dogs can become aggressive if they feel their space is invaded.
  • Health Risks: Puppies might carry germs that an older dog’s immune system can’t handle.

When It Might Work

In some cases, crating dogs together can work. This is more likely if:

  • Both Dogs are Easy-Going: If both your puppy and older dog are relaxed and get along well, it might work.
  • Supervision: If you’re around to monitor their interaction, it could be a temporary option.

Tips for a Multi-Dog Household

  1. Separate Crates: Ideally, have a crate for each dog. This gives them their own space.
  2. Introduce Gradually: Let them get to know each other outside the crate first.
  3. Monitor Interactions: Always keep an eye on them when they’re together.


So, can you crate a puppy and an older dog together? It’s usually best not to. Each dog deserves its own space to feel secure and relaxed. Remember, what works for one pair of dogs might not work for another. Always consider the individual needs and personalities of your furry friends. Happy crating! 🐶🐾