Dog Crate Guide – Reviews & Size of Dog Crates

Choosing the best dog crate for your loved pet can be a painstaking process if you have not been outfitted with the correct information. aims to make the buying process as easy as possible for dog lovers by providing you with a dog crate guide, dog information, and unbiased product reviews. 

Dog crates have become very popular amongst dog owners in the last decade, and there is a wide variety of crates to choose from on the market today. There are plenty of choices regardless of your budget, dog’s size, or personal preference, and making the right choice for you. Whether you want a sturdy no-nonsense crate, a fashionable designer crate, or even a pink crate, your pet can be a daunting task. will make these decisions easier for you.

Dog Crate Review Introduction

Increasingly popular over the last decade, dog crates have become a popular addition in many dog owners’ homes. They can be used from anything from a travel cage to a house training aid. A crate can be an essential tool while toilet training puppies as it can train your puppy to learn to delay urinating until they’re in a suitable potty area. You can also train your puppy to travel to a particular place at certain times, for example, at bedtime. 

You can teach your dog with proper training to associate their crate as a place of comfort and security and a place to receive the most treats. A good dog crate can also use as a humane and non-cruel method of punishing a dog. Placing a naughty pup in their crate for a few minutes can settle them down and teach them the error of their ways.

We will show you the top-rated dog crates available on the internet today and give you an honest, unbiased opinion on these products. We source our information from hands-on experience, user reviews online, and other data available. We will compare this data with other crates in the same niche market and the same price bracket to help you conclude if it is right for you and your needs. Our comparison tables will allow you to easily digest a great deal of information within a short space of time without individually checking the details of individual crates yourselves.

Dog Crate Sizes

You have probably been wondering ‘what size crate for my dog”. There are many thoughts and factors involved in choosing the correct crate size for your dog, and this dog crate size guide will help you discover what size dimensions you will need for your pet.

One thing to have in mind is that your dog’s size is more important than its weight. A great rule to follow is – The crate should be at least 6 inches longer than the length of their body, and the crate height should be 6 inches higher than their shoulder height. Follow these rules to ensure your dog is comfortable. If your dog is a mixed breed, you should assume it is purebred of the giant breed in their ancestry to be safe.

Common things and Big Mistakes to choose dog crates

It is common for people to choose a crate that is larger than required. There is nothing wrong, however, you do not want to go too big as the width between the bars increases, which may allow your dog to get their head or a part of their body stuck in the gap. Many crates on the market have a divider panel that enables you to cut the size in half, making it an ideal puppy crate. These crate types are often called “training crates” due to their size flexibility being an invaluable tool when housebreaking a puppy.

Big frequent mistake people make when buying dog crates is getting the incorrect size. The dog crate should be big enough to lie down, stand up, and turn around. This will aid you when housebreaking a puppy, as dogs tend not to soil their sleeping areas. If you buy a dog crate that is too big for your dog, you run the risk of them using one end for a toilet area and the other end as a clean sleeping area.

The size table below should give you a good idea of what size crate your dog will need. If you are unsure, please ask your pet professional for advice.

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